Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bed Sharing With a Bed Hog

My goodness, if only I could have taken a mental picture from above of what our bed looked like last night you would be baffled. Little Who hasn't been sleeping all that great the last couple of nights and I am not sure if its because he is going through a growth spurt or he is teething. He doesn't want to sleep in his PNP next to the bed, he just wants to be with us. I am fine in every way with him sleeping with us. It would just be nice if every once in awhile I got part of the bed.
Its not only Little Who though...its Daddy Who as well who likes to sleep extremely close to Mama Who. Mama Who however likes her space when sleeping. So this morning Little Who was up bright and early at 7am. That's when he normally gets up, but last night he didn't go to bed until around 10:30-11:00pm... YIKES! So I kept him in bed with us with high hopes he would fall back to sleep. After a few minutes of trying to maneuver around the bed he rested his head on my pillow and drifted off... yes my pillow. The one where Mama Who's head goes. So I scotched down the bed aways ( I am talking his feet were at my head) and I moved my legs sideways to Daddy Who's side of the bed. I pretty much spent the rest of the morning half off the bed, uncomfortable, sleepless and tired!
In others news today is sunny! We haven't had sunshine in a few weeks (I might be exaggerating) but that's how it feels. So instead of being outside in the sun I am sitting here quietly blogging while the Little Who is sleeping. I did just get done decorating a cake for a baby shower I am hosting today... which is also inside. At least I can see and feel the sun through the window!

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