Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Update

I know my weekend isn't over yet, since its Labor Day and all. But I thought I would do an update anyhow. I worked Saturday, which was the slowest day by far all week. Not to mention I was so bleeping tired it dragged the day out even more. I had three appointments book that morning and guess how many showed up? Big fat zero. It really bothers me when people don't call and reschedule, I guess they don't care. So I sat around and made up a schedule for when I train my new hires. I even walked around the store for awhile aimlessly just to kill time. Finally it was time for me to go home! 5 hour shifts on a slow Saturday suck.
When I got home, I did the normal...feed the baby, play with the baby, eat lunch and put the baby to bed. That gave me some down time to start stripping the cloth diapers and try to start cleaning the house...nope I got online instead and facebooked. Funny how once I had a kid all I have wanted to do while he is sleeping is nothing! Why shouldn't I be able to huh?
Amber & Josh
Later that night I went out with some friends to do their engagement pictures. Poor Daddy Who though, had been watching Little Who all day and then I left them again to go do pictures. Now he knows what its like to be me. (sort of) You know that phrase grow a pair...well I think you could add boobs to it when men are being babies (not that mine was). Anyway the engagement shoot went really well, its fun to be out doing more of my own photography. Rather then being stuck in a studio all day.
I then took Little Who to Vespers. Most Saturdays he just talks the whole time so I spend most of church out in the main room, but tonight he was really quiet in the Beco and we got to stay in church the whole time. Usually after church its bath night for Little Who,but I was so tired by the time I got home I just feed him some rice cereal and but him to bed. We are having a hard time getting him to sleep on his own again after two months of him doing it just fine. He also will not sleep in his PNP next to the bed. So we now have him full time in bed with us. We pushed the PNP up against the bed so that he cant fall off and it gives us more room.
Sunday morning we all got ready for church, got there 30 minutes late (Daddy Who always makes sure we don't get there on time). This was Daddy Whos first time back to church in a lot time since he isn't working nights anymore. So he had the baby and I got to pay attention and enjoy church. Right after church we left for town (not the town we live in,but the 'big' town). First stop was Sports Authority so Daddy Who could look at shoes and buy Little Who a soccer ball (don't ask). Then I nursed Little Who in the car while Daddy Who went into Best Buy. I was so hungry by the point...because I had not eaten any breakfast, so we stopped at Taco Del Mar for burritos. Our next stops where crib hunting....first Burlington Coat Factory then Babies R Us and after that we went to look for a new bed frame for our bed. We ended up walking around one of our local furniture stores for a good 20 minutes 'window shopping'. We did find two cribs that we like though. I don't remember which ones they are off the top of my head ( I am on the laptop) the links are on my desktop. It was funny though because the way Daddy Who tested to see if the crib was 'solid' or not was to shake the day lights out of it...he was making so much noise! We then went to Costco...and I remembered why I dislike going there so much with him. It takes forever and he doesn't stay on my route that I do. Yes I have a route for and out is the goal always...and to get a chicken bake and a fruit smoothie. But since we just ate at Taco Del Mar I got a Gelato (since most of the time I go alone I cant enjoy one while pushing the cart) by golly those Gelatos are amazing. I am sure in Italy they are much better. We were finally homeward bound.
Right when we got home a lady called who wanted to come look at our MamaRoo we were selling on Craigslist. While waiting for her to arrive I started to cleaned up the house, when she got here she bought it! Score. So far I have sold our bed frame and the mamaroo on Craigslist and made $ bad I have nothing left to sell at this point.
Alright well that's enough of an update for now. Now to go spend my next two days off cleaning the house and 6 month old shoots for Little Who tomorrow. I will update with his 6 month stats too.

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