Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thankful Days 11 & 12

#11. A Tradition
I can't name just one, but I can name it in general. Any Orthodox tradition. Like Pascha and celebrating Christ's Resurrection at the midnight service. Walking around the church with lite candles in hand and singing the most beautiful songs in the world.  "Come; receive the Light from the Light that is never overtaken by night, and glorify Christ, Who is risen from the dead"

Paschal Procession photo from

Another Orthodox tradition that I love is from the Orthodox weddings, when the couple take their first steps together with the priest and the choir sings  "Holy Martyrs, who have fought the good fight and have received your crowns: entreat the Lord that He have mercy on our souls."
I am thankful for all of the Orthodox Traditions because they make me feel closer to God. Because  its always been that way and now I am part of it too.

#12. A Gadget
I am thankful for my hand mixer... that's my favorite kitchen gadget...thought I was going to say something geeky huh..nope..its my kitchen hand mixer!

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