Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thankful- Days 5 & 6

#5. A Place
Gosh I have to pick one place I am thankful for? Wow... don't know if I can do that. Let me think for a minute. Okay done. I am thankful for Homer, Alaska. I am already crying about it too. Homer is the place that made me who I am today. I loved and lost there. Made my path through the woods next to my house. If my parents had not moved me there as a child I would be someone different today. I am thankful for the quiet mountain house that I was raised in, all my friends that taught me right from wrong and I am most thankful that my dad was able to baptize his first grandchild there before moving away.

Me and my childhood BFF on the docks
#6. A Pair of Shoes
I am going to first say that Daddy Who has more pairs then I do, but I am thankful for just one pair! That would be my Danskos, by far! I am thankful that they get me through my day at work not killing my feet!

My old Danskos at my old job

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