Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I love coming home from work to a sleeping house! It doesn't often happen, but it did today. I got to eat lunch quietly and then dink on the computer for a bit. Then Mia (the dog) decided to jump on my lap and that got me thinking... lets go for a walk in the rain! So us girls left the boys behind (daddy and little who) and we went for a 20 min walk down the road.
Mia never pays any attention to our neighbor's dog (who is on the other side of their fence) when she is in our yard, but today when we were on the road side of the fence she found him! They were running back and forth along the fence a ton of times. It was really cute.
These photos are from last night. I caught Little Who playing with the dogs toys and the dog sleeping on Little Who's toys... I should just switch out there stuff because they would rather play with each others toys then their own.

You mean I am not allowed to play with the dogs toys?

But the babies toys are soft!

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