Thursday, September 15, 2011

Babywearing = Love

Nap Time Mom

As I type my post today I have Little Who in the sling asleep. Daddy Who is taking a nap and didn't want to listen to him cry himself to sleep (we all sleep in the same room) so I put it on and put him in it... not even a minute later he was out like a light! I know I haven't ever written about how much I love babywearing so this is my chance too. And I am sure there will be lots more too.
Why did I decide to babywear?
Growing up I had a chance to be around moms who wore ring slings and it just looked so comfortable in there for the babies, so I thought I would give it a go when I found out I was pregnant.

What do we (yes Daddy Who is a babywearing dad) wear & love?
I started with the Moby (not as scary as it looks btw) for when Little Who was first born. The main reason I bought it in the first place was because it had an owl print on it, but then I feel in love with it. I would wrap him in there and he would fall right to sleep and I loved having him so close. I could help my mom do things around the house (she was here helping us when he was first born) because I couldn't stand always sitting around doing nothing. I had two free hands to help.
I then bought a ring sling off of Etsy for taking Little Who to the grocery store. I didn’t want to have to deal with the length of the Moby while out and about. We loved the ring sling as well. Just like the Moby he would fall right to sleep or enjoyed being able to see what I was seeing.
My most recent purchase is my most favorite though! I sold my Moby.  He was getting too big for it, in my opinion and bought a Beco Butterfly 2. I love, love, love it!

Is it to late to start babyweaing?
If it’s something you haven’t thought about, it’s never to late to try it! Personally if I weren’t 100% on board with it in the beginning I would start researching what you think might be best for your body time. We are all different. I would say though to get yourself a ring sling and if you really want to invest then get a Beco because they last well into the toddler age!

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