Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend is only one day for me...luck me huh? Today is my only day off and was almost not even going to be my actual day off. I almost had to go into the studio today, but thank goodness I don’t. I am okay with a one day weekend though. I start training the newbies tomorrow and then Friday its bye bye to Alaska for a much needed vacation. We are going to visit my parents for 10 days and I couldn’t be happier. Its going to be rather difficult to leave though (I shouldn't even be thinking about it, we haven't even left).
Last night after vespers we went over to Little Who's godparents to give his godmother her birthday gift. He got to crawl around with his godfather on their hardwood floor and found out its a little more slick then carpet is. Daddy Who had 2 hockey games last night, but we didn't go. We would have been out till 12 am. Little Who didn't go to bed until 11pm though so that messed up my whole 'quiet night to myself'. I also ate dinner at 10:30pm... I never do that, but the night had gotten away from me.
Today was a beautiful autumn day, the sun was out and it was 'warm' when you were in the direct sunshine. So I took the time while Little Who slept to clean up the yard for...wait I don't want to say the word yet, but you know what I mean...the next season that is coming.  I got the flower bed ready and raked a few leaves. Put away things that just don't need to be out anymore and cut the last of my basil that was growing.  I just have to mow the lawn again before we leave. I can't believe it is autumn already. It's crazy how fast it comes and goes in Alaska.
Later after I was done cleaning up the yard I moved into the house. I got the kitchen and the living room clean up all nice and pretty. And the whole time I was doing all this I was also stripping the cloth diapers and getting them ready to pack for the trip. We are sadly going to be using disposable for the week before we go so that I don’t have to stress about doing more laundry. I am saving the bathroom cleaning for last because it’s my least favorite.

I don't like this mom
I took Little Who outside when this was all done to take some autumn pictures in the leaves. Little did I know he was going to hate the pile of leaves that I put him in and he just whined the whole time. O well. I got a few cute ones. And I will try again when we are visiting my parents (if the leaves start falling while we are there… I don't know). We will see.
Alright well dinner is in the oven (thank goodness for casseroles) and the football game is on being not watched. I should get the diapers finished.

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