Saturday, September 10, 2011

Date Night

A few weeks ago my MIL said she would watch Little Who so that we could go out or just sit at home and do nothing for once. But it didn't work out. So she offered again to watch him tonight for us. So Daddy Who and Mama Who are going out on a date. Yes I would rather be at home in my pj's eating ice cream while watching a movie. The things we do for love.
I curled my hair Sherly Temple style ( Daddy Who loves my hair curly) but then I pulled it all to the side so I wouldn't loo like a little kid...since I already do. I did my make up, took out my little earrings that are always in and stuck in some dangles. I walked into the office and Daddy Who told me I looked beautiful. To bad that this only happens every once in a blue moon because I can't stand taking the time to do my hair and make up.
We are going to go see Contagion and go to the new(ish) restaurant in town for some burgers and a drink (Daddy Who gets to drink.. I will get dessert). We are seeing the movie in our crap theater too... O well whatever, like I said I would be happy just to be in my pj's at home.
Its hard to say goodbye to the Little Who, because I have been at work all day and then I get home and turn around and hand him to my MIL.  I know Daddy Who doesn't understand the attachment we have, but I wish he could.
Well wish my luck... that I made it through the night without smearing my make up because I miss my boy.

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