Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fighting Sleep

I am taking a few minutes while dinner is cooking in the oven and Little Who is trying to go down for a nap. I want to blog about one of my worse nights I have had yet as a mother. I am sure it’s not as bad as some parents have it, but for me it was horrible. Worse then the first night of CIO!
Little Who took one single nap yesterday for me it was maybe an hour and a half...maybe.  I wasn't here; I left him with Daddy Who so I could run into town. Then he fell asleep on the way to my BIL’s birthday dinner, that nap lasted maybe10-15 minutes. When we got home from dinner around 7:40pm he was showing no signs of being tired. So I do what we do every night and I let him play in the living room while I watched TV. to relax. He played until 9:40pm by himself on the floor. I nursed him before bed like always at this point and he fell asleep while nursing (something that I try not to do). I laid him in his bed around 10:00pm and spend 30 minutes with Daddy Who. Right before I went to bed I said "You know that good thing about him going to bed this late, I know I will get a few extra hours of sleep going to bed at the same time." Little did I know?
While I was reading my new book Confessions of a Shopaholic (which I am not) he woke up. This was at 10:44pm. He wouldn't go back to sleep for anything and I wasn't going to let him comfort nurse because I had just fed him. 11:44 showed up on the clock and he was still fighting me to go back to sleep. When I get really tired myself I melt down and I was trying so hard not to do this. I had the iPod playing his night time music and I was standing up bouncing him. He finally fell asleep on my shoulder. So I lay down on the bed with him on my chest to give him a few minutes to really fall asleep before putting him into the PNP. Ten minutes passed and as soon as I started lowering him into the PNP it started all over again. So I laid him on the bed and got out by childhood prayer book and an icon of a Guardian Angle and a child. I talked to him about the icon and said our Guardian Angle prayer and then we did the prayers out of the book. This calmed him for awhile and then I tired putting him to bed one last time. Again he fell asleep on my shoulder and I lowered him into the PNP. He lasted two seconds and woke up whimpering. So I patted his bum and he fell back to sleep. I thought this was it. I was so happy I could go to sleep.
Nope, I was wrong. He woke up minutes later and I said screw it. So I cuddled him to sleep in bed with me and he finally fell asleep. It was now 12:30ish... Two hours later. I don’t think I moved an inch until he woke up at 4:30am. I was so happy that I had gotten four hours of straight sleep. Most nights it’s not like that. He only woke up one other time and that was at 7:30am and we both went back to sleep. There was no one in hell I was ready to be up for the day.
I finally got my bum out of bed at 8:30 to get ready for work and I had to go in and slowly wake Little Who up to nurse before I left at 9:15. I am sure he would have kept on sleeping if it wasn’t for me waking him up.

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