Friday, September 30, 2011

Finding Time

I have been trying to find time to blog while visiting my parents but it has been really difficult to say the least. The first few days there was no Internet and I was going crazy. Its amazing how much you rely on things and then they are taken away from you its nice to not have them...but annoying at the same time.
Our vacation has been go go go... we have been in the car or walking somewhere. The first day we hung out in Seattle, visited Pike Place Market and had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. Molly and I both bough big ass bouquets of fresh flowers. When I say big ass I mean big ass, I will post a picture later. It only cost my $10.00, in Alaska it would have been at least $80-$90! Then we went and saw the Space Needle and went in to the EMP and walked around. After that we spent 45 minutes in traffic with a screaming baby. We then went to some mall so the boys could go to the LEGO store.
We went back to the house, gathered our stuff up and headed to meet my sister and mom and drive down to Ellensburg. Little Who slept till North Bend where we stopped for food and to nurse. Then he went back to sleep. My trick this whole trip has been putting my cell phone right near him so he can hear it over his crying and it puts him to sleep.
Sunday Rachel and I skipped church and went to Fred Meyers to get Maria's birthday present. We got her a canvas print for her room and a giant princess bag to go with was her Sweet 16th! After that Rachel showed me around town and we came home. Who knows what we did the rest of the afternoon... around 3ish Rachel, Maria, Daddy Who, Little Who and I headed in to Yakima to go shopping and drive around. We met my parents at 6 at Olive Garden for Maria's birthday dinner. The food was amazing and we embarrassed Maria by having them sing Happy Birthday to her.
That's all that I remember for now. I have to go figure out what we did on Monday:) hahah my brain is dead and I need to go put a load of laundry in.

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