Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another Vacation Post

I figured out what it was that we did on Monday. It only took all day and the help of the rest of the family.
Monday we all drove up to the Wild Horse Monument and we drove down the Gorge road area and looked at Wineries and the Gorge. We drove the old high way back and they showed Daddy Who the Ginkgo Perifided Forest. Oliver and I hung out in the car because I had no interested in seeing this.
On Tuesday we went to Thorp Antiques and Fruit. We walked around the antique area for awhile and I found a hat I wanted to buy so bad I wore it the whole time...but ended up not getting it. We bought some corn for dinner( 4 for $1.00) can't beat that now can least not in Alaska. We tried going to the old Thorp Mill but it was closed so we just walked around the grounds. Later in the day we dropped Little Who off with my mom and went out for lunch and walked around down town Ellensburg.
Wednesday was the longest day ever! Little Who, Daddy Who and I woke up at 5:30am and left for Mt. Saint Helen by 6ish. We drove all the way back to the outlook that is 5 miles from the crater. It was so windy there though that we only lasted at least 20 min. Then we drove in to the town near by and went to the Visitor Center there, walked around ate lunch and headed back. We took a Cayuse hwy back and thought about going the Chinook hwy to Yakima, but the road was to damn scary.  So instead of going to Yakima we headed up to North Bend and went shopping for Little Who. We finally got home at 9:30pm.
My parents had gone up to Seattle that day as well to pick up my grandparents who were flying in. And we all got home around the same time which was nice.
Thursday we hung around the house and didn't do much. Daddy Who played computer on the deck and got a nice sun burn. Us girls all went out and got our nails done... horrible place, horrible paint job, horrible all around. We tried the new pizza place in town and found out it was amazing and then walked to Winegars for ice cream... o wait I forgot the best part. Daddy Who made me bike the University (my ass is still sore to say the least) we found the Japanese Gardens that weren't that pretty. But it was a nice bike ride.
Okay we have lots to do today so I will see ya laters.

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