Sunday, October 2, 2011

Last Vacation Post Maybe

I am sitting in my parents living room taking my whole vacation in. We leave tomorrow and I just know I am going to cry like a baby. God only knows when the next time it is that we will get to see them and it hurts my heart. This whole vacation has been nothing less then wonderful. We have gotten to do so much, even though there is so much more left to do.
On  Friday we drove about an hour north to a cute little Bavarian town called Leavenworth. We had lunch, drank German beer and eat lots of sauerkraut. We did lots of walking around and went into almost ever shop along the way. Rachel, Maria, Daddy Who, Little Who and I did end up staying later and went miniature golfing. We had a blast and I got a hole in one on the last hole. That evening when we got home Daddy Who and I went out for dinner and drinks together. It was nice to get away from it all and just sit with him and have some time together.
Yesterday, Saturday we had a lazy morning around the house and then ventured into town for the Farmers Market. For some reason I thought it was going to be a lot bigger then it was, but it was still fun. It was only one block of amazing fresh fruits and veggies locally grown. I wish I lived somewhere where I could buy yummy fruit local...but we don't grow fruit in Alaska...unless you could pumpkins since they have seeds and all. We all got into the car and headed up to Dusty's to gets some pictures of Little Who in the pumpkin patch.  It was the littlest pumpkin patch in the world, at least really close to it. They also had a corn maze that was meant for little kids, but we had fun in it as well.
We came back up to the house and got ready to head back out again. It was just Rachel, Daddy Who and I this time. We left Little Who with Yia Yia so that we could go out for the Fall Fest. We walked around down town and watched the Buskers that were performing and went into the shops that we hadn't gone into at all. We bought apples to make apple crisp and headed home.
When we got home my grandmother was already in the kitchen preparing dinner. Rachel and I both jumped in shucking local grown corn and making the crisp. We left Daddy Who at home with the grandparents and headed to vespers so they could get the rest of dinner ready.
Dinner was awesome, we had chicken with fresh corn and fresh bread too! I found a bakery here in town that has really good pastries and bread and I have been doing a lot. That's another thing we had where I am from. Rachel and I played our second game of Scrabble and this time we got mom to play too... I also won this time around!

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