Friday, September 2, 2011

Homemade Vs. Premade

I know a lot of people buy their baby food and there is nothing wrong with it. With that being said we are making ours at home for more then one reason. The main reason being that its healthier for our Little Who and that it saves us money. Yes pre-made foods are convenient, but honestly so is homemade. It takes me maybe 30 minutes (that's with the cooking too) and now we have enough apple sauce and sweet potatoes to last a good month! That's not a lot of time if you ask me. It takes me longer then 30 minutes to make us dinner and that lasts maybe 2 nights.
Frozen Sweet Potatoes
I went to Costco and bought a bunch of Gala apples for the apple sauce,  I used 6 of them and then we ate the rest. I don't like Gala all that much, I am more of a Granny Smith apple kind of girl... but that would just be mean. I have never made apple sauce, even for myself but I love apple sauce. This is why I started with it. I could eat apple sauce with ever meal and so if I like it I want my kid to like it. That and its on the list of first foods to start:) I also did the sweet potatoes for the latter reason and the fact that they are so yummy... I find myself eating spoon fulls while making it. That's a good thing about homemade baby food too... I am not going to be afraid of trying it.
What you need to make your own baby food:
  • Sauce Pan of any size
  • Baking dish
  • Steam insert
  • Blender/Food Processor of some sort (we have the little baby Cuisinart)
  • Ice cube trays ( we have the Mumi&Bubi)
That's about it besides the foods you choice to go with. A great website with lots of information about baby food making and what not is Wholesome Homemade Baby Food . I have the book The Baby & Toddler Cookbook that I get all my recipes from. So far I love the book and the recipes that are in it. It has great information on what stages to start certain foods as well.

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  1. I made all of Ethan's baby food except the few times we went on long trips. With #2 Miss Lily gets jarred because we get it from WIC and it is one less thing I have to stress about! Ethan loves it too and has to have a jar every time Lily does. I think now she has 4 teeth(!) I'm going to start some Baby Led and let her pick up some sweet potatoes and avocado to feed herself.