Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sleep Training AGAIN!

At four months old  Daddy Who and I started sleep training Little Who. We took the CIO (cry it out) path and we were happy that the longest he ever cried straight was only 55 minutes. Every night after the crying would be less and less. After only a week he would put himself to sleep in less then 10 minutes without a lot of crying. I had even started to do this for naps, put him down and he would just fall asleep.
Well the last two weeks have not been this way. He will scream bloody murder for 10 minutes straight. We tried everything and it came down to comfort nursing to sleep, cuddling on our bed with him or bringing him out to the living room and waiting for him to fall asleep in one of our baby carriers. I got so frustrated that he has turned on us... yes he might be teething but there are no other signs of it. There is nothing to prove that he is, no bump or sight of a little white line. I finally gave up because I didn't want to 'deal' with it anymore.  He would just get to sleep with us. I really would like my own bed back though at some point.
Last night was the first time in who knows how long that he feel a sleep in his own bed by himself! I have a new trick...I put my cell phone on our bed playing quiet music like Dave, Enya and Celtic Woman. I think Scout (the leap frog dog) has become a hated sound maybe? I just am praying that he continues to be able to go to bed by himself from now on. That way I can get stuff done around the house while he is going to bed. If he doesn't, I might just go ape shit!
This morning...I woke up to the smell of dog crap... and was confused because Mia never poos in the house! There it was...three small puddles of diarrhea and one little turd by the front door. I walked into the kitchen to get cleaning supplies and guess what I found? Another pile of poo by the glass door. I didn't hear her whining at all and she will do this if she has to go outside. So I spent my morning cleaning up dog shit... I thought Little Who's poo was going to be all I had to deal with. O well though, that's life right?

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