Friday, October 14, 2011


I don't remember if I told you about the scariest night of my life as a mother yet. If I am I am sorry for the repeat. About a month ago Little Who started crying in his crib so I went to go check on him. I was trying to sooth him when he started to throw up every where, I yelled for Daddy Who who came running in. I handed him the baby and he started violently throwing up. I stared crying, freaking out and pretty much horrified at what I had seen. We didn’t know what was wrong and that was the worst. We got him undressed and wrapped him into a blanket where he kept gagging and dry heaving. He finally fell asleep with daddy for awhile and then he gave him to me. Two hours had passed and he woke up just as happy as could be.
I took him off of solid foods and resorted to just my boobs. A week later I gave him sweet potatoes (which he has had before) and again two hours after eating it happened again. This time I wasn't as freaked out. I knew what to do and how to react. That night I decided to do a little research and found FPIES. I am still not sure if that is what he has, but from what I found it sounds like it to a T.

We called out NP about it (we don't see a doctor) and she said she would look into it and get back to me. Days passed and nothing. We were leaving for vacation shortly and I wanted to be able to feed him solids while we were away. So we make our minds up that we would stick to just fruits for now. He had his share of pears and loved them and didn’t throw up at all. I finally called again when we got home and she said she didn’t find anything about it. I told her F-P-I-E-S... and she started laughing. She thought I said Spies... so she told me she was searching for it and all she could find was spy stuff :) I laughed a little too. But still it’s been another week and we still haven't heard anything. It’s starting to frustrate me.

I know its rice that bothers him, because the other day I gave him maybe a 1/4 inch of a MUM MUM and the same thing, two hours later he threw it up. There wasn't a whole lot to throw up, but he did. So tonight I looked up some safe foods for him to try that have protein in them. I went to the store and bought organic spinach and carrots. (I don’t want to waste my money making homemade food just to find out he is going to throw it up) Little Who hated the spinach spiting it right out. So I moved to the carrots and just gave him two or three bites. It’s been more then two hours and he has kept it down. I am happy to say that I may have found something other then just fruit that he can have.

So tomorrow I will be calling out NP and if she doesn’t know what to do, I will be making an appointment with a doctor in our church and maybe she can help us figure this whole thing out. I never thought I would have a child with any sort of allergy...but I guess you never know.

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