Sunday, October 16, 2011

Home Made Head Board

Awhile ago I sold out large ass bed frame so that we could have more room in the bedroom when we got Little Who's crib... Well we got Little Who's crib and our bed set up this week. It's a lot in one room, but what can you do when you only have a two bedroom apartment and one room is the office. We didn't want to get rid of the office because Daddy Who plays a lot of computer and I need some where to be able to do my photography editing and what not when Little Who is sleeping. All of his clothes, diapers and such are stored in here, that's it though.
Anyway back to the our bed... I have been trying to figure out what I wanted to do for a head board in our room. I wanted to get an old door and do that idea, but its not our house and I didn't want to have to do to much damage to the walls. So I opted for the easier DIY route. I went to the craft store today and bought three 15x30 art canvases and some material.
canvas, material, scissors and a stapler

All you have to do is cute the material into the right size stripes, stretch it over the canvas and staple it to the back. A normal every day stapler will work. And some people might put padding between to make it pop up more. But I just wanted simple.

Staple to Back

When all three were done you just put them up on the wall and you have a cheap but nice looking head board! It only took less then an hour from start to finish. Now I just want to find something to go above, like a quote or something. But we will save that for another rainy day...or snowy.
Finished Head Board

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