Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All the Little Things

I know I updated you on things that had happened since I lost posted, but I wanted to take the time to point out the amazing and funny things that Little Who has been learning to do.  In no order what so ever (my memory is not that great)

  • I have been teaching Oliver the few baby signs that I know and he just started to do All Done on his own this week.
  • He throws his hands up the air and says what I think is "ya".
  • He walks around with random articles of clothing on his head and runs into the wall, stands up, laughs and then keeps on going.
  • He got a monster truck from his god parents or Christmas and he drives it all over the house.
  • He opens and closed the bedroom doors and gets such a kick out of it. That is until he closes himself in the room and can't get back out.
  • He is learning to say bath, one of his favorite things. Its only at the Ba part, but he knows what I am taking about and says it back every time
  • He loves to carry around things in his mouth while he walk, sometimes I feel like I need to remind him that he isn't a dog.
  • He plays with Daddy Who's Knee hockey stick which is at the perfect height for him.
Its amazing the things they learn and how fast they do!

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