Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A New Schedule

I have put a lot of thought into really getting my act together when it comes to a schedule for Little Who. I don't know why we never had one before, maybe its because I just didn't really care about one. But now that we are re sleep training and he is almost one (eek) I thought I would start.
He know has dinner at 5pm while I am cooking dinner for Daddy Who and I. Since we can't all eat the same foods most nights Little Who gets his own dinner. This week he has been enjoying Organic ground pork with veggies. After dinner he gets time to play while I finish up dinner and actually eat dinner warm. We aren't taking a bath every night (that's just to much for me to handle) so we take one every other day and its probably his favorite thing about the new schedule. Then we get in our pjs and have a few more minutes of quite play time. Then its off the the bedroom where we read 2-3 books and then do our prayers. I then stand and rock him for about 5-10 minutes and settle him into his crib. Right now it takes about 30 minutes for him to fall asleep.
All I can say is that I wish I had started the early bed time sooner. He was going to bed between 9-10 and I didn't have any 'down' time. Now I have two hours to get things done and not feel so overwhelmed with doing every thing I need too. Now if I could just get someone else to help out a little I would have more time! One thing at a time right?

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