Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Play Groups

Awhile ago I was talking to my cousin who has four beautiful girls and I was complaining about not ever having me time or at least time with other women who are going through the same things as I am as a mother. So she began to tell me about how where she lives if she doesn't just do something, nothing will ever happen. As in a get together with other moms who have the same age children or whatever. She decided to open her door to anyone who wants to come over every Tuesday for coffee between a certain time in the morning. The children can play and the mothers can talk.
I took her advice and did something! I was so excited to hear the feed back from the other moms who I had contacted. Why hadn't anyone else thought of this before? Alaskan winters can be long, dark and lonely even with children running around your house. We set a day of the week and a time aside and now ever Tuesdays between a certain time we all gather at some one's house and chat. Not always does the whole crew show up, some times it might just be one other mom and little one; but just being around other moms who might be going through something I am going through or understand how I feel just because we have children is a wonderful thing to have.
I think every mom should be part of a play group or heck if your lucky enough to be part of a group of women who go out without their children. More power to ya. We have only been getting together for a little over a month now and its just nice to be able to sit back and let Little Who play with other kids his age and to see them interact with each other.
I will try and take some photos tomorrow, since play group is at my house and I will post some next week. I hope everyone enjoys their day and remember, your not alone even in the dark of winter. There are moms out there that just need someone else to say "lets do it".

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